Hustler's Mindset

DAILY motivation and encouragement for every aspect and stage of life. 

All success, whether it be personal or professional, begins with the mind. Here, you will find what I believe will help you "get yo mind right":-)

Hustler's Mindset

When I say hustler, I’m not talking about someone who does shady business or sells illegal products. I’m talking about someone whose ambition and aspirations line up together. Someone who knows what they want and are willing to make short term sacrifices takes to get what they want. Hustlers don’t make excuses when they don’t achieve their goals – they look at the issue square in the eye and accept it as a challenge and an opportunity to improve (with daily motivation).

Hustlers are a rare breed this day and age yet it feels like everyday someone is talking about becoming a hustler without having the track record to back it up. I get the idea that hustlers are cool but let’s not confuse a work-mule with a hustler. A work mule, is always busy doing things and is often doing things that anyone else could do. A hustler is smart enough to know where they should best spend their time to achieve results and optimize their life accordingly.

A hustler is willing to hire someone when he needs help.

A hustler is willing to say no to a project when it’s not aligned with her vision.

Hustlers value smart work over hard work. 

~ Ross Simmonds,  Digital Marketing Strategist 

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